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September 4, 2017


Looking for someone to create some very targetted Facebook Audience Campaigns. We will run the campaigns we just need high quality drilled down targetted campaigns. We have a Kickstarter launch starting Sept 6th that will run for at least 30 days. We have a product resolves the problem of children being afraid of the Dark. These are the Key words we have been using that we think best targets our audience.
These are Key words we have been using,
Monsters Under the Bed, Children’s Fear of the Dark, Children Afraid of the Dark, Kids Fear of the Dark, Kids Afraid of the Dark, Kids Phobias, Parenting, Parenthood, Parenting Tips, Bedtime Fears, Night Terrors, Force Field Cloak, Kids Force Field, Kids Force Field Cloaks, Monsters Under the Bed, top Christmas Toy, Fun Kids Toys, Fear of the Dark, Afraid of the Dark, Scared of the Dark, Kickstarter,
The product is also a fun glow in the dark toy after kids are not afraid of the dark.
We would need A, B, D, E, examples of ads, check out https://ForceFieldFun.com to get an idea of the product. We can supply images if needed but really need some great headlines and subs.
Here is some short content we have been using:
This is an example of a short posting:
I remember when we were kids, and afraid of the dark, unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us. Millions of Children worldwide experience that fear of the dark every year, and parents struggle for a solution. The Force Field™ Cloak helps children feel safe, eliminating the fear of the dark and allowing them to get a good night’s rest.
The Glow Company focuses on inventing innovative children’s products. They are excited to announce the unveiling of their Force Field™ on KickStarter.com Sept 6th, 2017. Our KickStarter campaign will allow customers the opportunity to pre-order the Force Field™ Cloaks for the very first time, with deliveries in time for Christmas! View our product and experience Force Field for yourself as you watch our informational video. Now every child can have their very own personal Force Field to protect them from whatever it is they are afraid of in the dark.
Kickstarter Sept 6th Limited number, only 25,000 for Pre-orders for Christmas delivery. These will sell out fast. 25,000 works out to only 500 per state and we are selling World Wide. Tested on 1,000's of kids, and the first thing you hear when the light goes out is "WOW" quickly followed by "I want one" this will be huge in 2018 but only a limited few will have bragging rights for this Christmas 2017.

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