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Content Marketing Statistics And Trends – 2017 Edition [Infographic]

Content Marketing Statistics And Trends – 2017 Edition [Infographic]


Published on June 10th, 2017 |
by Guest


Content Marketing Statistics And Trends – 2017 Edition [Infographic]

Content marketing is, by definition, a kind of marketing that asks for the creation and sharing content online without an obvious promotion in mind, but rather to raise awareness and awaken interest in a brand, product or service. That content can be many things: from a simple status update on social networks, an image, to a well-researched infographic, article or video.

Although the main goal in many cases is promotion, the most important thing is that it shouldn’t look like it. Each piece of content you create and present to your potential customers must be informative, interesting and/or entertaining. As you will see in the infographic below, two-thirds of consumers feel more positive about a brand after they have read or viewed some content from it.

When a content created is great and useful, it will trigger them to make an action – share the content, recomm..

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