5 App Analytics Tools To Boost Up Your App Business


Published on May 28th, 2017 |
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5 App Analytics Tools To Boost Up Your App Business

Here are list of 5 Mobile App analytics tools with their functionality

  1. Clevertap

This is another great app analytics tools with some great functions and features.

Key features

  • You can know how many users are using your app with info like new users, existing users and returning user numbers.
  • You can also divide the users into different segments based on certain criteria. Later can trigger them another segment based on their behaviour this helps you analyse the user.
  • You can also trigger push notification on the desired segment.
  • Clevertap has a free trial and its has user over 450 million.
  1. PIWIK

Piwik is an open source mobile app analytic tools helps the user to customise the analysis according to them.

Key features

  • It serves a unique feature among all of the data privacy, you can keep all your data instead channelling to the third party services.
  • It is the most customizable tool, however, it requires some technical expertise to work on.
  • Piwik provides SDK’s for iOS, Android, and Titanium.
  • You can all the relevant data regarding the active users.
  1. Apple App analytics

This is the only tools that provide iOS analyses across all the tools.

Key features

  • It serves prices and complete information as it uses Apple ID instead arbitrary ids or device type.
  • You can the data including like how many time your app icon is viewed on the app store which can be used to calculate install rate.
  • It also shows which marketing medium is best for the app in terms of engagement and revenue.
  1. Amazon Mobile Analytics

This app analytic tool is provided by the Amazon to assist the developers in analysing the app working.

Key features

  • This tool allows you to measure the count like active app user, new app user vs returning users.
  • It also reveals the data like session duration, user retention and custom in-app behaviour events.
  • To increase user engagement raw data from Amazon can be used into another tool called Amazon pinpoint. These tools run campaigns by using the date and increases the user involve movement and engagement.
  1. Devemate

This tool is basically in-app management analytic tool helps the developers to deeply analyse the app.

Key features

  • With this app developer can have in-depth analysis and comprehensive marketing metrics.
  • It basically has three metrics, a number of visits, downloads and sales to create the report on revenue, refund and overall performance.
  • You can also obtain the visit to sale conversion rates.


These mobile app analytics tools help the user to analyse the app performance in depth.With all the user information and obtained data developer can enhance the application features and services. For removing all the flaws and improving the user engagement it is necessary to use these tools continuously.There are also other tools available over the internet but these above are well equipped analytic tools.

Author Bio:

Ariana Johnson from US and presently working with one of the leading Mobile App Technology News Company. She work as a blogger for this company.

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