Take a look at what SociallyApptive platform has to offer:

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Start and stop your campaigns anytime. With rapid deployment cycle, we enable you to launch your social and mobile app campaigns in a matter of days, not months. Our platform enables anyone to create their own Facebook and mobile application / games quickly.

Responsive UI Design

Responsive UI Design

In the age of new media, user interface is 1 key to retaining users. Our platform is based on responsive design scaling to fit not just any mobile devices, but also work as a Facebook application.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Our platform is fully integrated with Facebook, enabling you to lock your app contents until users "Like", "Connect", "Share", or "Invite friends". You can also export users database to add to your own EDM.

Android Push Notifications

Android Push Notifications

You can generate your own Android app and submit to Android Play Store, increasing brand awareness & send push notifications to your users informing them of promotions or events.  

Streamlined Management

Streamlined Management

Whether if it's mobile app, mobile site, Facebook app, website or microsite, everything's managed from a single control panel so that you only need to update once & it'll be updated across all.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Understanding web traffic is as important as getting traffic. You can enter your own Google analytics into the platform & track where your visitors are coming from.

Daily backups to the cloud


Our platform is based on a hybrid solution, offering the best of both private and public clouds. By doing so it allows us to retain sensitive data behind our firewall while taking advantage of the lower cost and flexibility of the cloud. It can also improve scalability and provisioning at decreased cost, allowing resources to be allocated to the cloud for short term projects at much lower cost than it would to make changes to our infrastructure. By doing so, we're able to pass on the cost savings to you while maintaining quality of service and yet retain advantages of a private cloud.

Location-based Broadcast (New!)


Not only can you send push notifications to your mobile app users but now, you can also send location-based broadcast to them. Every Android app created is now location-aware so you can now choose to broadcast to all users or just specific groups of users within a specific location.

Try it out!

Test our social platform yourself and see how easy it is to create your own Facebook app

Not only can SociallyApptive be used as a Facebook application, you can also use it as a microsite, mobile site, web app, and android app with push notifications. You can also use it as a standalone website with your own domain name. Take a look at some of our clients below, or try out the demo here below:




admin username: test@test.com
password: test
*admin panel is for demo purpose only, no changes will be recorded and saving is disabled.

One plan, 3 options

  • Billed monthly

  • Billed every 6 months
  • Save more than 10%!

  • Billed every 12 months
  • Save more than 20%

Domain Registration
  • Inclusive of AlphaSSL cert
  • -

No PayPal / Credit Card?

No problem, pay with your phone.


*In selected countries where available

Through partnership between Zong and Atrix Enterprise, we're now able to accept mobile payment, enabling us to accept mobile payment whereby credit card facilities are not available. This helps to bring us one step closer in reaching out to a wider group of audience, small business owners and independent users.


What is Zong?


Zong is a tier-1 bank grade mobile payment platform, powering various web applications. Some of Zong’s partners include Facebook, Blizzard, Konami, MySpace, Habbo, Ubisoft, Zynga. Since July 2011, Zong has been acquired by Paypal and is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Paypal. For more information on Zong, visit http://zong.com

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While working in the media and IT industry in Singapore, we observed a number of practices and culture within that makes new media marketing cost prohibitive and inefficient for companies of all sizes, especially SMEs and startup businesses.

SociallyApptive was started in the belief that all businesses should be given equal opportunity and reap the benefit of new media marketing, regardless of size or budget. We started as a bootstrap startup in Singapore since 2011, and have been working steadily to build our various products catering to businesses of all sizes. Today, we have offices in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as representation office in New York. We firmly believe that the biggest selling point of new media marketing is high ROI and that all businesses should be given equal opportunity to reap the benefits. We also provide additional customization services for our various products, aimed at helping those who need assistance in either using or require additional customization.


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